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Photos of my face

Headshots are a funny old thing for actors. You wouldn't believe the amount of agonising I have done (and known others to do) over them. It's the difference between whether you get to meet people and get in the casting room/get asked to self tape, or whether yours is scrolled past in amongst the thousands of others that exist.

So, a big deal. Me on a really good day is the good advice I was given many years ago. You on a really good day with ideas of different people so that you are hireable, not only as the skateboarding-motorbike-riding-baking-sewing individual you are, but also as a nurse, or a daughter, or a police officer whose had a really hard day...all that in a photo.

I booked a session with James Melia, and he made the whole process really fun and lovely. Hours flew by, we didn't realise, and I have a load of lovely photos to show for it, that don't necessarily encompass all of the above things (because how can one photo do that anyway!), however they look like me on a really good day and a few other things in between.

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