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After training at RADA on the Foundation Course, I took the advice of one of my teachers and realised that as an actor, as in life, you get to keep the techniques you like, and lose the ones you don't.

Meisner was the technique I loved. My favourite actors, the ones that magnetise you on screen, were all trained by him and I am fortunate enough to have found a teacher trained by him.  Along the way  I've added in elements from other brilliant acting teachers and I'm grateful for all the knowledge I continue to gain. 

The Meisner technique is transferable into all areas of life, but also works brilliantly as a voice over artist. Being able to bring stories to life, be they commercial or fictional is something I am grateful to be able to do through my work. 

For all acting enquiries please contact Claire at Robinson Embury Management.

For all voice over enquiries please contact me via the Voice Over Contact Box.