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I'm also really good at falling over...

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Years of snowboarding and skateboarding (and being really clumsy) has given me the really great skill of being able to fall over really easily, I've gotten better at longboarding since this was filmed (back when the world was normal).

I've also fallen over many many times. (Some bruises bigger than others...)

Either way, even though I'm really good at falling over, I am still afraid of it, which means learning to longboard has been a lot slower than learning to snowboard. Snow is just a lot softer. Longboarding is great fun though, and has been a kind of meditation for me in the last year.

It's even better by the sea where the paths are really long and wide and you've got a great view, and even better company in the form of who took these lovely photos of me.

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