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Arturo the Fantic Caballero

We got Arturo earlier this year back in May. Craig got fed up of fixing our old motorbikes and much as I like to think I know my way around an engine, the realities of me actually fixing one is rather different...

I was pretty nervous when we got Arturo, I'd ridden Spinach the little CD200 for most of my riding life, and it's basically no heavier than a push bike so I never really worried about it. Arturo has a lot more power and is much more similar to the bikes I passed my test on (which were also thankfully lowered for my shorter personage).

Having ridden Arturo for a while now, I absolutely love it. It didn't take long for me to get used to the significant amounts of extra power I have - even though it's not that much - and to adapt to the weight of it as we go around corners. There's still the odd moment I take it more steady, but it doesn't fill me with the same amount of fear a humongous bike I once had the displeasure of riding did!

I met Ellie at the Malle Mile earlier this year, where I was teaching yoga, and we discovered we live pretty close to one another.

She offered to take some photos of Craig and me with our bikes and the results are pretty gorgeous in my opinion.

Thank you for creating such gorgeous shots of me and my favourite machine.

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