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It's been a while...

July 20, 2021

Life has kept going and I've not updated this for quite a while - over a year!

I've been steadily working on various projects, video games, commercials and all sorts of other stuff!

I really do love my job and I'm grateful to have so much fun doing the work I love.

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Studio is heating up!

August 18th 2020

As the weather has turned slightly colder this week, for once I have actually been happy about it, as it means recording in my studio has become a more normal temperature again, and less like a sauna! 

Be watching your TV for a few of my latest projects. Thanks to all the lovely clients I've worked with in the last few weeks. 

Robinson Embury

Represented by Robinson Embury Management

May 20, 2020

Happy to say I am now represented by Claire at Robinson Embury Management. 
Contact Claire for any enquiries about acting work.

My home studio

Working from my home studio

June 20, 2020

Available to record with a friendly Northern accent from my home studio for your projects needs. 

Corporate, commercial, audiobook, video game, or radio play get in touch and lets get to work!

I record from my Aston Spirit with a Scarlett 2i2 Focusrite.
Contact me on the form below with information about your project and lets discuss how we can work together.


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