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I did enjoy Snoopy and Charlie Brown

But I did find it kind of sad, that of all the hundreds of people who worked on that film didn't at one stage go "yeah maybe she was always known as little girl with the red hair, but let's give her a name now". 

I thought we were past that. Especially in a children's film when she's the focus of pretty much the entire film.  

me as a Peanuts character 

me as a Peanuts character 

Favourite films of 2015

not necessarily films that were released in 2015 but ones I really enjoyed having seen them for the first time. These aren't really in any particular order... 

The Lunchbox -

(not released in 2015 I'd wanted to see it for ages but my Indian boyfriend resists Indian films) Immediately became one of my favourite ever films. Beautiful performances and makes you want to eat so. Much. Food. (dont watch it if you're hungry) 

x + y 

Beautiful little British film about the maths Olympics, Sally Hawkins, Rafe Spall, Eddie Marsan. Which is enough to let you know it's brilliant in the first place, but Asa Butterfield is so watchable as Nathan the maths genius. 

Mia Madre

Watching this made me hopeful that one day I will definitely be able to speak Italian so I can work with Nanni Moretti. Loved it. 


I saw the film the day it came out, and I'm still not sure how to vocalise how it affected me. Such a difficult film to watch, but it's entirely worth it.  

Inside Out.  

The film had me literally on the edge of my seat practically the whole way through. So beautiful and wonderful. Must see film for everyone so we can all be that little bit nicer to one another.  

The Diary Of A Teenage Girl

Really enjoyed this film, not really like anything else that came out this year, Bel Powley is brilliant in it.  

A Bigger Splash

So glad I managed to get tickets for this at the London Film Festival. I would have been at the festival every day if my wallet and life allowed me. Enjoyed this film so much, the performances, the costumes, Ralph Fiennes complete abandon as he jumps into the pool would be my happy gif if I had one. Go see it!  


When I was thinking about writing this there were many more I wanted to include but they've slipped my brain now so I'll leave it at that for now.  If you're in London and involved in the film industry, join the Curzon filmmakers club, every Friday at 11am they show a new film for £5. It's brilliant. Didn't manage to go anywhere near enough last year so that will change this year. 

Happy New Year everyone. I truly hope 2016 brings you magic.